Discover the best beaches best restaurants best activities on St Martin St Maarten and get free vouchers

Discover the Best of St Martin / St Maarten and Get Your *Free Vouchers*
Are you wondering which restaurants to eat at, which beaches to visit, where to shop or which activities to consider on St Martin / St Maarten?

We would love to help you make the most of your trip.

favorite_best_beach_on_st_martin_Maarten_SXM__islandDiscover the best beaches

best_places_to_eat_st_maarten_SXM_st_martinFind out about the unmissable restaurants
what_activities_sightseeing_to_do_on_st_maarten_martin_SXMKnow what activities to do
where_to_shop_st_maarten_martin_duty_free_SXMHear about amazing
shopping locations
SXM_best_things_to_do_St_Martin_Maarten_FrenchUncover hidden gems
get_discounts_st_maarten_martin_SXMSave time and money

Allow us to help you - all you need to do is buy this $9.87 e-guide now for immediate download - it comes with a bonus gift of vouchers worth over $200!!!

Who are we?

Hi! We are Sam and Miriam and we’ve lived on the island for 4 years, working in the tourism industry and trying out everything the island has to offer - from its amazing eateries, to its fabulous watersports and beaches.
We’ve tested loads of places multiple times, talked to many providers and customers, asked our local friends and visiting tourists what they think is best on island and then assembled all the information and created this *exclusive guide* for you.

Why our guide? Why SXM Uncovered?

There are a lot of online guides out there, but most just give long lists of everything available on island. In our guide, we have broken it down, and only suggest the best of the best, so you won't have to trawl through loads of descriptions of places you aren't interested in, but you can cut to the chase, find out only about the very best and save time and money!

Let's make it very clear. Our guide does not list and describe an endless number of places to visit on island, but only the best. And we're not working with any specific businesses, so you will get an unbiased, objective opinion.

Petite Plage, Grand Case
We have also checked out the most famous guide books to the island and unfortunately they are often written by people who come in for just a few days, visit a small number of places and then write their reviews. There are often many mistakes, they are rarely up to date and they usually miss out some of the hidden gems. SXM Uncovered is updated every year, even several times a year to make sure all the information is accurate and to include any new fantastic places that may have opened on island.

sxm"This was our 7th trip to St. Maarten, so obviously we are big fans of the place. Despite being quite familiar with the island, your guide enabled us to find new restaurants and a nightclub that we really enjoyed.  In addition, our favorite find was a new beach club at Orient Beach that you suggested.  We love Orient Beach and would never have known about the place if you hadn't suggested it. Also, just using one of the coupons included in your guide for dinner covered the entire cost of purchasing the guide, so anyone would be foolish to travel there and not get it!  We can't wait to go back next year! Thanks for the help, and keep up the good work" - Ron & Adrienne Webster, NJ

There's no need to waste time or money!

It’s so easy to go on vacation and waste time driving round looking for the perfect beach, trying to find a good restaurant or searching for the best priced shops. Or you could spend hours upon hours before you travel, doing extensive research on multiple websites and forums... so just think of the time you will save having all that information neatly compiled in one place!

It’s also too easy to waste money on rubbish meals out, disappointing activities and by getting caught in the tourist traps... so think of the savings you will make by k
where_to_eat_cheap_st_maarten_martinnowing in advance where to go and what to do. 

On top of that the FREE VOUCHERS in our guide will give you discounts and even free gifts at some of the best places on island, saving you even more money. The total value of these vouchers is over $200, so you not only get back the cost of the guide, but you also save $$$ before you even head off on your vacation!

Save time and money with our insider's guide now at $9.87!

where_local_people_go_st_martin_maarten Get an insider's opinion on the best places to visit
where_to_go_sint_maarten Know exactly where to go when you are here
help_on_St_maarten_martin Have a local person guiding you to the island's hidden gems
vouchers_coupons_discounts_sint_maarten_st_martin Save money by not wasting it on the wrong places
research_st_maarten_activities_sightseeing Save time by not having to search endlessly on the internet beforehand and while you are here
the_best_places_restaurants_eateries_cheap_eats_st_maarten_martin Guarantee yourself a table at the best restaurants by being able to book in advance because you know where to go
real_time_info_st_maarten Get accurate and up to date information on the places you really need to know about
chill_st_maarten_martin Feel totally relaxed from the beginning to the end of your trip

Let us help you out while you are here!

We love it when we know someone where we're vacationing; a local person who can tell us all the places we must visit and the things we should do - otherwise we just end up missing out on the hidden gems a place has to offer.

We would like to be your friend here on SXM, giving you the hints and tips you need to make sure you have an amazing time on this fabulous island.

Don't miss out on the hidden gems!

Take for example this deserted, hidden beach; one of our favourites on the island:

We took this picture recently and as you can see there's no one there! It is hardly frequented because you can't drive there; it therefore remains an unspoilt haven where you can find peace and tranquility and possibly enjoy the entire beach to yourselves, as if it were your own private stretch of sand! We will tell you how to get there, so you too can take advantage of the best of what the island has to offer!

And this is just one of the island's gems we'll tell you about.

Don't miss out! Download SXM Uncovered now for only $9.87!

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Have an awesome time on our wonderful island, we are convinced you'll love it just as much as we do!

Sam & Miriam

P.S. Don't miss out on the best of what the island has to offer! Let us guide you to the SXM's hot spots and hidden gems.

P.P.S. Remember, you don't want to waste time or money on vacation. This guide will help you save both, allowing you to have a relaxed, stress-free and fun-filled time away.

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go_to_st_maarten"The SXM Uncovered Guide is so helpful in traveling to the island we love. We have travelled to "our" island 4 times and each time continued our research to see where we wanted to go, what we wanted to do and where we wanted to eat on the next trip. With the SXM Uncovered guide we have many things to add to our list. It is a wonderful tool not to mention coupons to some great places! Thanks for making our next trip easy!"

Bob & Terri Thomas, OKLA


First, we would like to give
you a list of bars on
St Martin / St Maarten
that do HAPPY HOURS.
 Find out times & places to
get discounted or 2-for-1 drinks! YOURS FOR FREE!
Just type in your name, email address and press submit. You will remain on this page but the list will automatically be sent to you.

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vacationing_st_maarten"Our trip to St Martin was probably the best holiday we have ever had and this is mainly thanks to Miriam and Sam and their guide. We found their knowledge of the island immensely valuable in planning which beaches to visit, what excursions to do and where to eat during our stay. We didn't have time to do much research before going, so their guidance was a godsend and we truly felt as though we made the most of everything the island had to offer." 
Nat & James Colman, LON

holiday_sxm"Our trip to St Martin was made perfect by using the information in the SXM Uncovered Guide. Packed full of hints and recommendations at our fingertips, we had insider knowledge of the best places to visit. It really is like having a friend with you to point out the island’s hidden secrets!" 
Meryl Stanley, UK

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